Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Is Alone and Horny

Ever have a virgin? I don’t think I’d want one, but hey somebody’s got to take all those cherry’s. I think it’s more fun to take a virgins asshole. There is nothing better than breaking in an ass for the first time. It’s slow going at first, but then it is unbelievable. I love to see the tear in a girls eye after she gets finished with her first anal. Yuri Luv’s first anal scene went better than expected. The tears were not falling, she gave her ass up eagerly. It’s been almost six months since the first one, and like most chicks, she loves it.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Thinking Naughty Thoughts

Today, she gets to fuck big Eddie. He’ll be around after she warms her self up. ABS, Always be stretching. You will love to watch Yuri Luv’s body. She is an awesome specimen of woman. This shit is for real. She got nice big tits, a great pussy. She’s about perfect. You’ll want to see more.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Loosens Up Her Asshole

After Yuri is finished “practicing”, in comes Eddie to fill her hole with the cocky goodness that she needs. Ass pounded! Listen to her squeal as she takes it hard. She’s insatiable. Yuri probably wants a DP, but I am sure we’ll save that for a future update on Yuri Luv’s ass. You can bet that Pornstar¬†Platinum¬†will be there for all of Yuri Luv’s future updates in the porn industry. She is a hot and upcoming slut to the scene.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Ass Fucks Herself

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Why go to a strip club when you can sit at home in your own privacy & stroke your cock to this hot stripper set! Watch as I work, I have done this before ya know LOL! Now just imagine me in your bedroom doing this same thing but instead of this metal pole I’m using your hard long shaft to wiggle and rub on! You can’t get this type of treatment in a gentlemen’s club that’s for sure! But you can if you some watch me feature dance sometime.
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Yuri Luv Striptease

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I had this lil video made a while back with my producer. It’s me dancing on the bed showing off my sweet curvy latin body! It’s just a lil short video, but I have had some requests for vids like this so here you go, please enjoy! Let this one get your cock hard then watch some of my more recent full set hardcore updates & cum all over the place with me!


Yuri Luv Cheerleader Photos!

I located these pics as well as others not long ago with my producer. So here you go here are some great photos of me as a cheerleader, young and sweet as can be! I have located some other older pics I took a while back & in the coming weeks ill be updating my site with them! Stay tuned!

These might have even been taken when my pornstar name was Yuri Beltran, I don’t really remember, I’m just gad that I can get the exclusive XXX photos of me as a nude cheerleader out to all of my awesome fan.


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Oh man, this is a classic, as you will see. This is my very first bondage scene of this nature, I really enjoyed doing this one and is 100% real! Watch me verbally abuse this dumb fucking bitch boy to get what I want!

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Well, well, well after a very bust time of it, I’m finally back on my famous Hollywood set & this is a really hot fucking update, let me tell you! I this scene your going to love my dirty COCK talk & I’m sure that alone will get you hard, hell you may even cum before I get this strangers cock out of his pants!

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