Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Is Alone and Horny

Ever have a virgin? I don’t think I’d want one, but hey somebody’s got to take all those cherry’s. I think it’s more fun to take a virgins asshole. There is nothing better than breaking in an ass for the first time. It’s slow going at first, but then it is unbelievable. I love to see the tear in a girls eye after she gets finished with her first anal. Yuri Luv’s first anal scene went better than expected. The tears were not falling, she gave her ass up eagerly. It’s been almost six months since the first one, and like most chicks, she loves it.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Thinking Naughty Thoughts

Today, she gets to fuck big Eddie. He’ll be around after she warms her self up. ABS, Always be stretching. You will love to watch Yuri Luv’s body. She is an awesome specimen of woman. This shit is for real. She got nice big tits, a great pussy. She’s about perfect. You’ll want to see more.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Loosens Up Her Asshole

After Yuri is finished “practicing”, in comes Eddie to fill her hole with the cocky goodness that she needs. Ass pounded! Listen to her squeal as she takes it hard. She’s insatiable. Yuri probably wants a DP, but I am sure we’ll save that for a future update on Yuri Luv’s ass. You can bet that Pornstar¬†Platinum¬†will be there for all of Yuri Luv’s future updates in the porn industry. She is a hot and upcoming slut to the scene.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Ass Fucks Herself

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White House Solo Set

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No Im not in the white house in DC but in another white room here on set in Southern California. Do you like this lil once piece cotton outfit I have on. I like the way it goes right up my ass, and just covers my big tits. Do you you think my butt cheeks are nice, how about my cleavage. Just sit back with cock in hand and please pretend you are here with me, sucking and fucking my every hot latin hole.

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Stairway to Pleasure!

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This turned out to be another really hot solo set. We are in this big house & my producer & I thought it would be a great idea to use this staircase. I had already shot the stills for the set but we said “what the fuck!” anyway and moved over to them. Watch as I go half way up the stairs then go to town on myself on the video. Oh how I wish you were here with me! This set was a lot of fun, as I have never did a solo masturbating video before on a staircase!

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Silver Bikini, Red Hot Solo!

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Well my producer has once again taken me to a great location & today it’s going to be a hot solo set outside! Do you like my lil silver bikini? How does it look on my big boobs? Imagine that your here with me & I allow you the pleasure to peel this bikini off me, exposing my hot latin body! How about if I suck your cock right her outside in the back yard. You can fuck me too & cum all over my pretty face. How does that sound? Take out your big cock & work it while I work myself in this red hot solo that you can only see exclusively on my website!

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Pornstar Yurizan Beltran masturbating
Pornstar Yurizan Beltran dildo pussy

Damn I look hot…

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I lay here in my bed I’m really horny, I just have to cum. I take out my big tits & lick my nipples, it feels really good. But that doesn’t do it for me! I move my pussy free from my teddy and masturbate, check out how wet my pussy is. These pics came out really nice enjoy fans!

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