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This is me and my Asian girlfriend, Amy. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? She has a sexy, tight little body and really understands how to eat my pussy. What’s not to like here? Lucky for you we filmed the last time we got together and took turns sucking and fucking Danny Mountain when he walked in on us!

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Regardless, we had some hot shots taken of us posing and undressing before the fun began. Amy is just looking sexier and sexier. I want to bury my face in those little boobies of hers.

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I kept telling her just how good her Asian booty looked, and she kept complimenting mine. I still think she has the better ass. Maybe I need to catch up on my squats to get this booty back in shape and look like Amy’s.

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Remember when I told you that Amy really knew how to eat my pussy? Well, I meant it! Look at her suctioning my pussy lips and tonguing my little man-in-the-boat. I’m really glad I shaved earlier. Ahhh, smooth as a baby’s bottom! I spread my lips and let Amy lick my pussy until I had her my pussy juices running down her chin!

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Well, well…Here he is. Just walks right on in without knocking or anything. Danny Mountain has arrived, and apparently he was watching us for the past few minutes. When he walked over to us, I could see his bulging penis through his shorts. His cock was rock hard already and you could see just how big it was. And yes, he’s hung like a mini-horse!

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Amy wanted at that big ole dick first and gobbled it right up. I wanted to join in so I took those balls of his into my mouth and began sucking. I’m surprised he didn’t burst and blast his load in Amy’s mouth as much as he was twitching!

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It’s finally my turn! Well, Amy had her turn too, but that was later. For now she sat on his face and had her pussy cleaned by his most flexible muscle. Yes, his tongue! 😀

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I rode Danny Mountains cock for what seemed to be a very long time and took every inch of that monster. I eventually let Amy take her turn riding the bull, and she got her pussy tore up! I know damn well she enjoyed every moment of it too. If you want to see us continue to take turns getting fucked then having our faces and tits sprayed with cum, be sure to visit my site and get your exclusive password today. 😉

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Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Is Alone and Horny

Ever have a virgin? I don’t think I’d want one, but hey somebody’s got to take all those cherry’s. I think it’s more fun to take a virgins asshole. There is nothing better than breaking in an ass for the first time. It’s slow going at first, but then it is unbelievable. I love to see the tear in a girls eye after she gets finished with her first anal. Yuri Luv’s first anal scene went better than expected. The tears were not falling, she gave her ass up eagerly. It’s been almost six months since the first one, and like most chicks, she loves it.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Thinking Naughty Thoughts

Today, she gets to fuck big Eddie. He’ll be around after she warms her self up. ABS, Always be stretching. You will love to watch Yuri Luv’s body. She is an awesome specimen of woman. This shit is for real. She got nice big tits, a great pussy. She’s about perfect. You’ll want to see more.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Loosens Up Her Asshole

After Yuri is finished “practicing”, in comes Eddie to fill her hole with the cocky goodness that she needs. Ass pounded! Listen to her squeal as she takes it hard. She’s insatiable. Yuri probably wants a DP, but I am sure we’ll save that for a future update on Yuri Luv’s ass. You can bet that Pornstar Platinum will be there for all of Yuri Luv’s future updates in the porn industry. She is a hot and upcoming slut to the scene.

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal

Yurizan Beltran aka Yuri Luv Anal – Yuri Ass Fucks Herself

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Yurizan Beltran Tit Tied

Big tit Yurizan Beltran bondage pornstar

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Hi guys do you want to see what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot. Pretty cool how the photographer ties me and my tits up. I look hot in these ropes don’t I. I love being the center of attention please watch me and enjoy. I hope you enjoy this update my love, I do all this for you my members and fans! Now just imagine yourself there with me! Now how do I get out of being tied up like this hahahah!

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Big tit pornstar Yuri Luv Ballerina Slut

Yuri Luv pornstar ballerina slut

Yuri Luv pornstar big tits nice ass

Rub your dick nice and slow for me, get it hard. That’s the way, that looks big and hard just the way I like it. I’m a little ballerina slut, my pussy is so wet for that hard cock. I love the thought of your cock being so deep inside me. Watch at how wet I get using my vibrator, oohhh yeaa I’m cumming, yea that feels so good. Being a nasty girl and being a Ballerina at the same time is pretty hot. I’m sure its just the thing your dirty mind likes!

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Back Room With Jessy Part 2

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I was taking care of myself, and I forgot Jessy was waiting in the back room with his big hard cock. I didnt even dress, I went in and stuck my hard nipples in Jessys mouth. He sucked them so good. We move fast, I have his cock in my mouth in no time. Then he fucks me every way he can. His hard cock driving deep into me feels soooo good. What a cock that Jessy Jones has! He can wait for me in the back room whenever he wants.

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Solo Before Cock Part 1

Yurizan Beltran big tits pornstar

Yurizan Beltran masturbation shaved pussy big tits

I just got back from the pool, the guys were looking at my big tits, I know they wanted to stick that big hard cocks between them. I got really hot so I let my big beautiful tits out and play with them. Nice right, I really have to cum I take off the bottoms, grab my dildos, you know what happens next, solo time and fingering my asshole. Watch for Part 2 of this set when Jessy Jones, a big cock stud joins me for some great hardcore action! By the time you read this it may have updated already! If not stay tuned!

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My First Anal Ever!

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OMFG why did I wait so long this felt so good! During this scene he was fucking me and he all of a sudden stuck his thumb in my ass and I thought, wow that feels good, then I thought a hard cock would feel even better. So everyone sit back and enjoy as I take on this big cock and take it right up my ass. I dont know why I waited so long to do this! Oh and stay tuned for the HD video for this set. It may have already updated by the time you read this!

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Music Makes Me Feel Sexy

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Tonight I got a really big date with a really hot stud. First dinner, then on to a club, and finally, home, so I can suck his dick and get my pussy pounded. A perfect date. As I was getting into my sexiest bra and panty set, I felt I had to get into the spirit of the night, so I started to dance. My hormones were raging as I just wanted to get fucked. And all the while I was thinking maybe we could skip the diner and dancing and go straight to the fucking. Well, time to get dressed and get ready for my date, and hopefully, a big cock in my pussy. Enjoy my music and dancing!

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Dancing to Keep In Shape

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Summer time is almost here and it will be bikini season again. So i decided to get in shape, using a new dance exercise program. Gotta keep my booty fit and my big DD tits perky and soft to the touch. Well I got up early and started to dance on my bed. It felt sort of strange as I usually get fucked on the bed by my friends. As I started to dance, I suddenly I had to take off my sexy black bra and set my DD tits free. Well, I had a really great time dancing and stripping, plus knowing that my sexy body with be ready for bikini season. Enjoy this music and my dancing! The guys over at Pornstar Platinum put this music together just for me!
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Lipstick Tits!

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I love playing with my big tits, look at my lipstick I leave when I kiss them. Dont you wish I could do that all over your fat cock? I love to rub my ass it feels so good, yes, yes it feeling great. Watch as I get myself off, yes, yes; it feels so good. I taste great after I cum mmmm.

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