Strip tease fun in the diner

yuri_luv_diner_solo 5

I got a new tight, pink dress to wear for a night out and I just had to share it with you guys. I absolutely love it! What do you think? Oh, it’ll look better on your floor? I’m sure it would baby! Now, watch me as I give you a sexy strip tease in the diner!yuri_luv_diner_solo 32

I’ve been naughty and need to be spanked hard! Are you up for it? I’m already bent over the table just waiting for you to man-handle me and paddle my ass. Do you like how my ass just peeks out of the dress the littlest bit when I bend over?yuri_luv_diner_solo 56

Mmmm…I can feel the juices already flowing from my pussy into my sheer black panties. Have a look for yourself! As you can see, I unleashed my puppies too. I want to make sure your cock is rock hard and ready to spew before this scene is over!yuri_luv_diner_solo 69

I’m almost fully nude. Are you rock hard and ready to fuck yet? I want to feel your cock twitching and throbbing as you slowly enter my little pussy. yuri_luv_diner_solo 85Oh god yes…I slowly slid my finger inside my pussy, closed my eyes and imagined it was your big meaty cock penetrating these lips. Just imagine how warm and wet my pussy is already from thinking about you. I’m nice and moist. My clit is swollen and ready to be tickled too!

Come watch me finish this scene by finger fucking myself until I orgasm!