Facebook is back……

Finally after struggling with hackers I got a facebook page, and my myspace page and twitter and of course my blog, Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001448615332&ref=search or Yuri Foreal.. ha ha i will change it later but this is the best i could do right now…

My First Pics!

When I just turned 18 I met the photographer Nickey Milo. He asked me to do a swim shoot shoot for him and that is when I decided to do a website with him. Millions of pics later and hrs of hot , hot video, I put Yuriluv.com. Now I have gathered all the pics since I started modeling and putting up a section called Anthem. You will see five great years of pictures and some video of me from 18 to now. Don’t miss it.. Oh by the way you can see more of Nickey Milo’s work on his blog NickeyMilo.com/blog